An integral part of branding, your logo helps people learn about your organization through repetitive exposure. However, consistency is the key to help your logo aid in brand recognition. The consistent look, familiar shape, recognizable colors and defined style of a logo assist in reinforcing your brand into the minds of others. That’s why it’s important to establish a set of rules and guidelines to follow so no matter who is working on a project — whether it’s a new team member or a third party — the brand is connected and cohesive.

Merchandise and Promotional Items

Missouri S&T is contracted with CLC to implement the university’s trademark licensing program. The contract moves the university into a model used by most other major institutions for handling the licensing of its logos and trademarks on apparel, sporting goods and other products. CLC will be the initial point of contact for manufacturers for licensing agreements, royalties and trademark protection. Missouri S&T will retain final decision-making authority and control of trademark licensing, including approval of all designs and agreements.

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Always use a licensed vendor

Any use of a trademarked symbol on any sort of product, such as stickers, pins, shirts, bottles, pencils or any similar item must be purchased from an officially licensed vendor. CLC, S&T's licensing partner, maintains a list of these vendors for use by the campus community. 

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