University Departmental Organizations may either create their own unique logo or request an official logo. If a UDO is a chapter of a national organization, the UDO should adhere to the branding requirements of the parent organization. 

UDOs creating their own logo should take care to avoid copyright infringement by not using or imitating existing logos or artwork of other brands and organizations.

  • They may not include or incorporate logo marks licensed by Missouri S&T — or derivatives of them.
  • They may not include any words, symbols or images that might reflect poorly on Missouri S&T.
  • If Missouri S&T, S&T or Missouri University of Science and Technology is included in the logo by text, it must be part of the UDO’s official name — as defined in the UDO’s constitution and approved by the Office of Student Involvement.
    • The phrase “Missouri S&T” is a trademark and cannot precede the name of a UDO unless the UDO clearly identifies itself as a student organization by adding “Student Group,” “Club,” “Student,” “Association,” or “Council” or other similar naming convention to its logo or mark (i.e. Missouri S&T Student Council).
    • If a UDO does not include the word “Student Group,” "Club,” “Student” or other similar naming convention, the “Missouri S&T” phrase may follow the name (i.e. Residence Hall Association at Missouri S&T) but may not precede the name of a UDO.
    • Improper references to the university’s name (such as “at MS&T,” “at MST,” “at Mo S&T,” etc.) are not permitted as a substitute for “at Missouri S&T.”