Department logos

A system of customized logos extending and reinforcing the university’s stacked or horizontal logo has been created for all such entities within the university. Approved vertical and horizontal department logos use either the stacked or horizontal logo. Department names must lock up in approved font and correct size. Below you will find these marks in alphabetical order. If you have any questions or if your entity is missing, contact the Marketing and Communications office.

Example department logos

horizontal department logo example - two tone

horizontal example department logo - green

horizontal department logo example - gray


stacked example department logo

stacked horizontal department logo example

Department Logos List






Licensing and Usage

Missouri S&T licensing program

Missouri S&T is contracted with CLC to implement the university’s trademark licensing program. The contract moves the university into a model used by most other major institutions for handling the licensing of its logos and trademarks on apparel, sporting goods and other products. CLC will be the initial point of contact for manufacturers for licensing agreements, royalties and trademark protection. Missouri S&T will retain final decision-making authority and control of trademark licensing, including approval of all designs and agreements.

More about licensing

Logo guidelines

When using our logos, please be sure to follow the brand identity system guidelines. If you have any questions about whether your use of the Missouri S&T logos meets the brand standards, contact the Marketing and Communications office.