A Recognized Student Organization (RSO) is a club that has gone through the registration process to become an official organization at S&T. RSOs must create their own unique logo unless affiliated with a national organization. RSOs are not permitted to use any Missouri S&T logomark in their logo identity. RSOs should take care to avoid copyright infringement by not using or imitating existing logos or artwork of other brands and organizations.

  • They may not include or incorporate logo marks licensed by Missouri S&T — or derivatives of them.
  • They may not include any words, symbols or images that might reflect poorly on Missouri S&T.
  • RSOs may not attempt to replicate an official S&T logo.
  • RSOs may use the phrase “at Missouri S&T®” or “at S&T®” but it cannot precede the name of an RSO, even in its logo; however the phrase may follow the name (i.e. Fireworks Club at Missouri S&T®). If the university’s name is included in the logo, the RSO must clearly identify itself as a student organization by adding “Student Group,” “Club, “Student” or other similar naming convention to its logo or mark, and it must be approved by Student Involvement.
  • Improper references to the university’s name (such as “at MS&T,” “at MST,” “at Mo S&T,” etc.) are not permitted as a substitute for “at Missouri S&T.”
  • If the RSO is a chapter of a national organization, the RSO should adhere to the branding requirements of the parent organization.