Any manufacturer wishing to use Missouri S&T’s name or marks on its products must be properly licensed to do so. CLC is S&T’s authorized agent for trademark licensing purposes. CLC is authorized to license manufacturers meeting S&T’s qualifications. Missouri S&T will not issue licenses directly.

Distributing, brokering or retailing of licensed goods does not require a license, nor will licenses be issued for such purposes.

Rules and royalties

Missouri S&T reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or not approve the use of its marks on any product. S&T shall approve each use of its marks on a per-product, per-design basis. Licensees must submit each product or design to Learfield for approval by S&T.

Missouri S&T will not approve the use of S&T's trademarks in connection with certain types of products. These include, but are not limited to:

  • products that could be used to injure or kill
  • alcohol-related products
  • tobacco-related products
  • illegal drug-related products
  • sexually suggestive products or language
  • gambling-related or games of chance products,
  • religious products or designs,
  • political products or designs,
  • products that present an unacceptable risk of liability and products that are harmful to the mission or image of the institution.

S&T will not approve the use of S&T trademarks or designs in connection with any art depicting or implying the use or endorsement of: alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products, firearms or other weapons, racist, sexist, hateful, demeaning or degrading language or statements, profanity, sexually suggestive, dangerous and/or carry high product-liability risks, denigrating any group (including another college or university), and art or a design incorporating trademarks or copyrights not owned by S&T, unless written permission for such satisfactory in form and substance to S&T is obtained from the trademark holder or copyright owner, and approved in advance by the marketing and communications office. Designs must meet minimum standards of quality and/or good taste.

S&T will not approve the use of its marks on any product or design that in S&T’s sole judgment may violate NCAA or GLVC rules. This applies to product designs incorporating:

  • Jersey numbers, except on authentic or replica merchandise
  • Photos or any other likeness of a student athlete 
  • Names of student athletes 
  • Nicknames of student athletes

Missouri S&T will approve products or designs incorporating only current marks. Marks which are obsolete or replaced by updated will not be approved for use in new products or designs.

Missouri S&T encourages creative uses of its marks in promoting school spirit. S&T recognizes that its licensees are creative in this regard and that some concepts or designs developed by licensees may not clearly fall within the brand guidelines. When this occurs, S&T will be the sole judge of acceptability.

Products imprinted with the university’s name or marks are generally subject to royalty fees with few exceptions. The manufacturer of the goods pays the royalty on wholesale sales. Royalty proceeds are dedicated to support the university’s licensing and marketing programs.

A royalty exemption (but not a license exemption) applies unless the university does not grant an exemption. Royalty exemptions may be granted for the following:

  • Goods purchased by the university, registered Missouri S&T student organizations or the Miner Alumni Association

Please note that regardless of whether a royalty is charged, only licensed manufacturers may reproduce the university’s name and marks. Any unlicensed person or business that knowingly produces licensed products may be subject to legal action.