PowerPoint Templates

Create custom and professional presentations that use essential elements of the university brand.

PowerPoint templates include multiple slide-layout options and use typefaces that are standard in Microsoft applications (Tisa Offc Serif Pro and Franklin Gothic). Available templates include:

  1. 16" x 9" digital presentation
  2. 9" x 6" postcard
  3. 8.5" x 11" flyer
  4. Brochure (3.6875" x 8.5" finish size)
  • Windows Users: To access the templates, open PowerPoint and then click on the New tab at the left of your screen. The new templates will appear as choices.
  • Mac Users: To access the templates, first connect to the following server using this path: smb://minerfiles.mst.edu/dfs/software/itwindist/sccm/Office_Themes and click the + icon to add to your Favorite Servers list. If this is your first time connecting to the server, you will need to also take these additional steps.
    • Then open Word and click on Preferences under the Word menu.
    • Under Personal Settings, click on File Locations then Workgroup templates and click Modify.
    • Select the network location titled Office Themes and click Open.
    • Close out of the Preferences dialog.
    • Note: You must be connected to the Office_Themes server to see these templates. 
    • Steps to automatically connect to server on login:
      • After connecting to Office_Themes server, open System Preferences > Users & Groups, click on the Login Items tab.
      • Click on the lock icon at the bottom of the window to unlock and to allow for modifications to the list. Admin level password is required.
      • Click on the white + button and navigate to the Office_Themes location in the finder window and click Add button.
      • You can click on the check-box under the Hide column. Unchecked, the Office_Themes volume will open in a finder window on login. Checked, the volume will open in the background.