Moving Forward

For the past 150 years, Missouri S&T has been the place where students come to become leaders in their chosen fields — an educational institution rooted in a constant pursuit of excellence and innovation. As we look toward our future, and embrace the pivotal gift made by Fred and June Kummer, we acknowledge the need to continually evolve the S&T brand to accurately reflect both what we are today and where we are headed.


How You Can Help

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A New S&T Website

Our digital presence is a critical asset to the university and an important tool for shaping the way people think and feel about S&T. At the start of the fall semester, the website will be updated to meet the new brand guidelines. Here is what you need to know:

  • The new web template will launch in mid-August
  • Your content won't be affected
  • Site structure won't be affected
  • Links and linked content won't be affected
  • Site header styles will change
  • Some content will be recolored
  • New patterns and visual elements will be introduced
Here are some steps you can take to prepare your site if you are a content author:
  • Review and evaluate the accuracy and relevancy of your site’s content
  • Remove duplicate, outdated or redundant content
  • Remove and replace any outdated photos. Find updated photos to use here: 
  • Check for broken links and then repair or remove links as appropriate
  • Sign-in to DubBot to help you scan your site for broken links, spelling errors, accessibility issues and more
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Logo Lockups

In 2015, we introduced official logo lockups for S&T colleges, schools and departments. These lockups were used on both the new suite of stationery and promotional materials, such as cups or pens. As we explore the new needs of organizations named after their donors, such as the Doshi Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and the Kummer College of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development, we recognize there are some constraints associated with the current system. 

Listening sessions were held on Feb. 10, Feb. 15, Feb. 28 and July 20 to discuss the challenges with the current system and what participants would like to see for the future. 


Any changes to the logo lockup system will also require refreshing all letterhead, business cards and envelopes to adhere to the new style. We are currently reviewing feedback we have received over the past few years and evaluating the usage based on digital downloads and print orders. It’s our goal to have a revised style for this suite of materials introduced by the fall semester, at which point all stationery products ordered would reflect the refreshed style and format. However, existing materials may be used internally until they are depleted, or they can be recycled. We anticipate that as of July 1, 2023, stationery using the old design should no longer be used externally. 

Listening sessions were held March 8, March 9 and June 29 to discuss the challenges with the current suite and what participants would like to see for the future.



Our current suite of templates, from PowerPoint to postcards, were built to help any S&T college, department, office, institute or center save time and stay on brand. As we refresh the visual elements of the brand, we anticipate building new templates that will help you save time and stay on brand.

Listening sessions were held on April 5, April 6, June 29 and July 20 to discuss the challenges with the current templates, what’s missing from those materials, and what participants would like to see for the future.