The university’s official, formal name is “Missouri University of Science and Technology.” This name should be used on first reference in all formal, official communication and marketing materials.

Do not substitute the ampersand

Note that the “and” is spelled out. Do not substitute the ampersand (&).

  • Correct: Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Incorrect: Missouri University of Science & Technology

Headlines and captions

For headlines, photo captions and other tight spots, shorter is always better. Thus, “Missouri S&T” is preferred.

For headlines, when space is tight, use “S&T” but not “MS&T,” “MST” or similar abbreviations.

News releases and official documents

For news releases and other official written materials, use “Missouri University of Science and Technology” on first reference and “Missouri S&T” on second and subsequent references. On occasion, “S&T” may be used on subsequent references to add variety to your writing.

When writing to audiences familiar with the campus — such as alumni or students — “Missouri S&T” is acceptable in all references. “S&T” may be used on second and subsequent references.

Special cases for applications

For forms on computerized applications, such as Peoplesoft or other applications where the number of characters is limited, use “MO S&T” if six character spaces are permitted. Note the space between “MO” and “S&T.” The spacing is important to avoid confusion with the acronym “MOST.” If five or fewer spaces are permitted, “MST” is acceptable.

As a general rule, do not use “MUST,” “MS&T,” “MO S&T” or “MST,” except for forms on computerized applications, as explained above. Also, it is acceptable to use “mst,” in lowercase, when referring to official Missouri S&T web and email addresses. (See internet terms.)

General usage

Other than Missouri S&T, write the complete name: “University of Missouri-Columbia” (not “Missouri University” or “University of Missouri”), “University of Missouri- Kansas City” and “University of Missouri- St. Louis.” On second and subsequent references, the following rules apply:

  • For the University of Missouri-Columbia: MU is acceptable on second reference. This is in keeping with the University of Missouri Board of Curators’ Nov. 29, 2007, decision to allow the Columbia campus to use “University of Missouri,” “MU” or “Mizzou” on second and subsequent references.
  • For the University of Missouri-Kansas City: UMKC is acceptable on second reference.
  • For the University of Missouri-St. Louis: UMSL is acceptable on second reference.