Brand Strategy

It’s more than our name or logo.
It’s the way we look, act and speak.
It’s what we’re all about.

When you execute our brand, there’s a reason behind every visual or verbal decision. This document is designed to help you make those decisions. It reflects the thought process that went into creating the brand and provides guidelines for making it work.


Our personality sets the tone for how our brand communicates.

It articulates the ways we want our audiences to think and feel about our brand. These six personality traits drive the voice and imagery for all brand communications.

Emotional Traits

(how we want people to feel about our brand)


Accessible and friendly

We communicate with an approachable style


Proud of and encouraged by the amazing things happening here

There’s a vision and creativity in our language and our aesthetic


Actively engaged in an involved community

Our communications are dynamic and feel inclusive

Rational Traits

(how we want people to think about our brand)


Capable and respected, with the right balance of entrepreneurism

Our messages are intelligent and thought provoking


Innovative, challenging the status quo

We are excited by the possibility of effecting change


Eager and insightful about the things that excite us

There is an energy to our messages


Because the brand essence articulates what we stand for, it must be compelling, authentic, focused and meaningful. It becomes the filter for everything we say and do.


(what we offer)

Missouri S&T...

Builds upon a heritage of discovery, creativity and innovation across all academic and research disciplines


(what they get)

so that our community is...

Inspired and ready to pursue and solve the world's great challenges.

Key Messages

These key messages make up the Missouri S&T story.

Through appropriate use of our key messages, in an appropriate brand voice, every Missouri S&T communicator will work together to create a powerful S&T story and a consistent, compelling message to the various groups who will hear it.

They ensure that we convey both what we give (the attributes) and what our audiences get (the benefits).

Keep in mind that these messages will form what we’ll communicate to our audiences but not necessarily how we’ll say it (see “Our Voice” for more).

Not intended to be reproduced verbatim, these key messages should come through in not only the words that we choose, but the photography, graphics and other visual elements.


An academically challenging foundation of collaborative, creative thinking

  • Deep dive into subject matter in year one
  • STEM-literate students at all levels of study
  • Cultivation of curiosity in and out of the classroom
  • High-quality education at an impressive value

Inventive and resourceful in their outlook,with a diversity of ideas

  • High degree of technical proficiency
  • Desire to dig in and make things real
  • Unshakable love of learning and discovery
  • Prepared for the way the world operates


A devotion to making sure students are able to contribute from day one

  • Immersive opportunities in internships, study abroad, research and design
  • Premier, applied research in areas of global significance
  • Nationally recognized yet accessible faculty

Prepared to explore unconventional and undefined pathways to answers

  • Able to work both in a self-directed manner as well as collaboratively
  • Driven to satisfy their curiosity
  • Exposed to and influenced by the brightest minds

Making a difference

An inclusive and connected community with an innovative spirit

  • Safe, welcoming campus
  • Environment that celebrates the intellectual
  • A feeling of optimism and abundance
  • A discovery-oriented culture

Boldly creating their own personal, professional and philanthropic opportunities

  • Part of a proud and engaged network of alumni
  • Confident in who they are and the difference they are making
  • Equipped with a mindset that anything is possible
  • Successful in any career that exists

Messages by audience

(questions that they have and how we answer them)


Is S&T the right choice for me?
Is it affordable for me?


An inclusive and connected community where you can create your own opportunities (personally, professionally and philanthropically).


How do I get involved on campus?


We cultivate your curiosity in and out of the classroom in an environment that celebrates the intellectual where there are immersive opportunities to get involved.

and staff

How can we support and elevate the S&T national reputation?


We make sure our students are able to contribute from day one, and that they have access to premier research opportunities, so they can work in both self-directed and collaborative manners.

and donors

How do I talk about S&T now?


S&T builds upon a heritage of discovery, creativity and innovation so that all students are ready to pursue and solve the world’s challenges.


Do S&T graduates meet our employment needs?


This community has an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovation-oriented culture that makes any student successful in any career.


Does S&T have the research expertise to meet our needs?


S&T students and researchers are inventive and resourceful in their outlook, bringing a diversity of ideas to the table, ensuring you get an impressive value for your investment.


(parents and counselors)

Is S&T a good value?


The academically challenging environment encourages students to think collaboratively and creatively, making them highly prepared for the way the world operates.


(elected officials, business and community leaders)

How does S&T contribute to our state’s economic vitality?


Our faculty are inventive and resourceful in their outlook and make sure our students are able to contribute from day one.