Design Elements

(fonts, colors, lines and patterns)

You want to make the university look good, and these resources are here to help you. Your use of these resources - the right fonts, patterns, lines and logos - will ensure that we all portray a clear and consistent image of Missouri S&T.



Diagrammatic linework can be used to point out a detail in a story or highlight a caption. These strokes can curve or twist to connect the two elements together. Always use smooth arcs when drawing curved rules. Think of these arcs as circles that have been cropped.

Download Adobe stroke styles



Working with the patterns: If you know how to change a color, you know how to place a pattern. All patterns in the color process color palette have been created as swatches. To use the pattern, just create your shape and then click on the corresponding swatch you want. These are seamless patterns, so the pattern fills as you adjust the shape. If you have any problems working with these files, email Marketing and Communications.

Swatch libraries are collections of preset colors. To open a swatch library from the Swatches panel, choose Open Swatch Library and select the library name. To make a swatch library the default in InDesign, add the swatch libraries with no document open. (Need Help?)

Frames and borders

Use colored borders to frame your layouts. Borders help focus our content inside of them and draw the eye to the layout. You can use a full border that surrounds the page or crop the border on the edges.