PowerPoint Templates

The official Missouri S&T PowerPoint templates come in 16:10 and 16:9 screen ratio (for LCD monitors and cinematic format, such as Leach Theatre’s projector) and 4:3 (for projectors and lower-resolution purposes). Some of the templates use the font Orgon, which is installed on all registered computers on campus. Others require Tungsten font (request it here). Be sure to use the correct template for the project that will be used, not the screen you are working from.

Remember that a PowerPoint presentation created on one computer using one set of fonts may not look the same when opened on a different computer that has different fonts installed. If you need the ability to have your presentation used on any machine, save a “display” version once you have the slides finalized. That way, the slides will be saved as images so the text won’t appear strangely.

To do this,  go to “Save As,” and give your file a new name. Then in the “Save as Type” menu select PowerPoint Picture Presentation. Once it is saved in that format, you will not be able to edit the document, so that is why it is good to give the file a different name – you can always go back to the original to make revisions and then save that as a display.

TIP: To change the background image used on the PowerPoint cover, just select a different photo for your slide background. Be sure it maintains the proportions of your photo so it doesn't squish or stretch it.

16:9 Screen Ratio

When using a PowerPoint presentation on HDTV or widescreen monitors you'll want this size.

 Requires Tungsten 

4:3 Screen Ratio

Most campus projectors still project in a 4:3 ratio. If you are using a project or monitor that is labeled as “HD” or “High Definition” use the 16:9 ratio template.

 Requires Tungsten